My First Post and Old White Lion Tour

So, as Rachael, one of the many amazing receptionists at The Old White Lion, explained in her last post, we have a new blogger. 

And that new blogger is me. I won’t go on too much about myself as Rach pretty much summed my life up in the last post. But I am Ella, a student, blogger and aspiring journalist here to share with you, every Friday, all of the exciting things that are happening in and around the much loved OWL. And with events such as Le Tour De France, Haworth 1940’s Weekend and our annual Beer Festival, there’s so much that you can’t afford to miss out on!

As most of you probably already know, we are situated right in the heart of the lovely village of Haworth, with history and culture right on our doorstep. So I thought, as this is my first post for you all, why don’t I give you all a tour?

I know what you’re thinking, some of you reading this could be miles away, how could you possibly give me a tour? Well, don’t speak to soon. We have literally put our home on the map, pardon the pun. Using the same technology as Google Maps we have managed to give our customers (and future-customers) a real life look around our place. So why don’t you take the time on this lovely Friday afternoon to take a look around our humble abode, just give this link a click and it’ll put you right on through.

It’s freaky how real it actually is…

The only downside is you can’t try any of our amazing food, local ales or have a nice lie down in any 14 of our en suite bedrooms.

You’ll have to come and visit us for that…