Cold Sandwiches

Closed Sandwiches, Homemade Chipped potatoes & Salad Garnish


Roast of the day Please Ask your serving Staff

£ 8.85

North Atlantic Prawns Bound in a Lemon Mayonnaise

£ 9.35

Hot Baguette's

Hot Baguette's all served with Salad garnish & Homemade chipped Potatoes ALL £9.35


Baked Brie, Bacon & Cranberry


Tuna, Red Onion, Pepper & Cheese Melt


Chicken, Chorizo & Cheese


Fish Butty


Old White Lion Ruben Pastrami, Russian Sauerkraut Dressing & Cheese


Chargrilled Loin of Pork, Apple Sauce & Gravy